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Heartful Products are designed from the heart to help you to restore your natural state of well-being, as well as to connect you with your inner self, to create lasting inner transformation that is truly meaningful for you.
Benefits of Yoga Nidra:

- Produces profound relaxation 
- Induces a state of harmony and balance
- Restores health and well-being
- Reduces stress, anxiety and hypertension
- Eases insomnia and depression 

Yoga Nidra takes you to the alpha and theta states of consciousness, far beyond ordinary waking consciousness. During Yoga Nidra your consciousness is expanded and experienced at a deep level.

When the sympathetic nervous system is constantly under fire, you accumulate stress. This shows up in the form of fatigue, loss of mental equilibrium and a weakened immune system.

To stay healthy, all physical, mental and emotional tension must be balanced with deep rest and relaxation. This is what Yoga Nidra provides

Yoga Nidra reactivates the tranquilizing power of the parasympathetic nervous system. It helps to disengage from patterns that habitually engage the sympathetic nervous system. 

The various techniques of Yoga Nidra gently guide you into unplugging from stressful effort and dropping into an effortless state of being. 

Yoga Nidra is extremely beneficial for reducing stress, and has been used very successfully in treating conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), anxiety and depression, as well as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, among others.

In Yoga Nidra there is an increase of beneficial hormones, such as Melatonin which has multiple functions in maintaining health and protecting from stress, boosting immune system, retarding aging and stimulating sleep. It is an excellent practice for those suffering from insomnia.

These are Yoga Nidra recordings by Elara that you can listen in the comfort of your home. You will receive all the benefits of Yoga Nidra. For maximum benefit, it is recommended to listen to the recording several times a week, even daily, if you like.

Price: $4.99 + tax

Yoga Nidra for Healing & Inner Peace
Lenght: 37 min

Yoga Nidra for Harmony & Awareness
Length: 31 min

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